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Sri Lanka is a beautiful paradise isle with many fabulous dive sites. Witness a myriad of famous shipwrecks dating back to the colonial era, an enthralling world of corals, shells and vibrant shoals of fish. You are sure to be cherepaha_18spellbound by the mystical underwater world that surrounds this paradise. The adventures of scuba diving and snorkeling can be combined with activities such as underwater photography to immortalize your experience.
Colourful diving spots include Bentota and Hikkaduwa in the south west of Sri Lanka, which also have underwater caves and shipwrecks to explore. If you are new to diving, you can get a beginners training in 4 days at a professional diving school in Sri Lanka.



White water rafting on the Kelani river from Kitulgala is one of the most exciting and accessible activities Sri Lanka has to offer. The area and the scenery around Kitulgala is stunning, tucked away in the midst of ravines in the slide7picturesque hill country. Previously known for being the location for the film ‘Bridge On The River Kwai’, Kitulgala is fast gaining popularity for the thrilling white water rafting. White water rafting is also possible on other rivers in Sri Lanka.
For those experimenting with the sport for the first time, Sri Lanka is the ideal place to try it out – as the rafting although extremely thrilling, is more safer than other destinations. Head to the village of Kitulgala, to enjoy both beginners-standard and high-adrenaline white-water rafting.



Being a tropical island, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is endowed with over a thousand miles of beautiful golden beaches, which provides the idyllic setting for a truly memorable getaway. The soft sound of waves lapping in to the beach, endless strips of white sandy beaches contrasting with deep blue waters, coral reefs that are home to many types of tropical fish best describe what to expect when you visit the coastal lines of this veritable
The beaches of Sri Lanka provide a plethora of options for travelers. A range of water sports from snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving, surfing, kite surfing and much more await to satisfy the adventurer in you. Exploring coral reefs, the beautiful under water flora & fauna is a must when you travel to Sri Lanka. Or venture out on a whale or dolphin watching expedition.

Enjoy the beautiful sunsets on the north and south coasts, while sipping a cup of Sri Lanka tea, a tropical drink or a chilled beer, kicking back on a hammock under the shade of palm trees. Take a trip to the east coast to watch the sun rising in the morning. Yes, you can witness both the sunset and the sunrise in this island. These beaches are a paradise for honeymooners, where the environment is so romantic one thatcould smell love and romance in the air!



Sri Lanka is an island nation with a rich cultural heritage that dates back over 2500 years. With a diverse and colorful history that followed, many battles and kingdoms have risen and fallen, in the dynasties of Kandy, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Jaffna. The ruins that remain out of the ancient kingdoms and other archeological discoveries provides fascinating insights into a sophisticated civilization which possessed advanced knowledge and skill of design and architecture, science and technology and arts and crafts.sri-lanka-family-sigiriya-overhead-11-nov-11-photo-p
This beautiful ancient and historical land is blessed with a plethora of sites which have immense historical significance. There are seven World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka whichso have been officiallyrecognized by UNESCO and these attractions have emerged as a focal point of fascination for tourists from around the world.
Take a Cultural Heritage Tour deep back into the history of Sri Lanka and gain a better understanding of the island’s remarkably rich cultural and religious history. Be enthralled by entire townships, palaces, fortresses, temples and monasteries etc. Top favorites on the list are the ancient kingdoms of Anuradhapura & Polonnaruwa, the magnificent Sigiriya Rock Fortress, the cave temples of Dambulla, and the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy.



What could be more romantic than beginning your new life together in one of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean? Moreover, this paradise isle provides the perfect recipe for a dream wedding or a honeymoon. malu-malu-wed-032A combination of adventure, romance, beautiful settings and scenery, top quality boutique hotels and experiences that you will cherish a lifetime. What more could you ask for?
Whether you are just honeymooning or even considering a destination wedding, this is one amazing country with a world of opportunities for newlyweds. Indulge and experience a traditional Sri Lankan wedding or opt for a beautiful nuptial ceremony on the beach. The location opportunities are endless in Sri Lanka, jungles, rivers, hot-air balloons, beaches, tea plantations, private island etc.



The Art, Music and dances of Sri Lanka are said to be derived from the elements/segments of Nature. The temple paintings and carvings used birds, elephants, wild animals, flowers and trees. The colors were made of nature. The cultural art in itself reflects the traditions and the rich heritage of Sri Lankan history of kingdoms and mythology.
Cultural Sri Lankan music and dance consists of a plethora of fabulous costumes, skillful choreography and an 7tag3innate sense of drama accompanied by traditional fusion music. Flamboyance is one of the primary words that can be applied to Sri Lankan dance, as it can be seen in the costumes, choreography, and composition. Sri Lankan dance mainly portrays the rich and ancient heritage of the beautiful paradise.
The origins of dance in Sri Lanka can be traced back thousands of years to the 4th century BC when dance formed an important part of rituals and ceremonies observed by ordinary folk in their day to day living. There are three principal forms of dance in Sri Lanka depending on the region. Each style differs in costume, songs, the use of percussion instrument and in the movement of hands, legs and fingers.



Camping in Sri Lanka is a truly exhilarating experience that will surely delight the adventurer in you, Thisishow you can experience nature in its most rawest and best form, by being right in close to the heart of it.600_434509535 However, only a fraction of tourists  experience the real nature that isfound within of Sri Lanka. Apart from the beaches, ancient culture, scenic beauty, Sri Lanka has a multitude of hidden jungles, yet unexplored ancient cultural sites, nature trails, and so much more. To experience these, you have to step off the beaten track and move into the heart of the glorious wild and natural environment. These experiences in the wild really have the ability to change your perspective on ordinary life.



Every corner of this beautiful country is dotted with several pilgrimage destinations which beckons both pilgrims and tourists from all regions across the globe. Most of these sites are related to Buddhism, while there are also large number of religious sacred sites for Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.srilankaunpluggeditinerary2classictourssrilanka-63831247239543_800_6001
The most famous religious site among tourists would be Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada. It is 2,243m high and said to exist an enormous ‘footprint’ at the peak. Buddhists believe that this is the mark of Lord Buddha left during his final legendary visit to Sri Lanka. Hindus believe that this has been made by Lord Shiva while Muslim’s claim it belongs to Adam who stood there to repent his sin in the Garden of Eden. The view from the top is stunning, where you can catch the first rays of the sunrise if it happened to be the right time you are at the top. It is magical and enthralling to everyone who has the will to climb the particular mount.



Colombo is the vibrant and cosmopolitan capital of lovely Sri Lanka, and is a unique blend between the old and the new. Bustling with beaches, temples, monuments, museums and shopping centers and markets, those who come to the city will enjoy the type of atmosphere and the constant buzz of activity as much as any definitive sightseeinglanka-e-holiday-tour-colombo-city-tour-1024x576 trips they embark on. Lively with commerce, the city also has delightful oases of calm and serenity everywhere.
Take a stroll on the energetic Galle Road, visit the malls for your shopping needs or hit the Pettah market for bargain shopping and to witness the bustle of everyday trading and marketing in the heart of Colombo or visit the Galle Face Green for a sunset combined with delicious ‘isso wade’. As night dawns, head out to a casino or one of the night clubs, or even dance till dawn at a raving party on the beaches of Mount Lavinia. Whether it’s shopping, dining, entertainment or just simply business, Colombo has it all.



Sri Lanka’s deep-rooted and ancient civilization endows the island with a legacy of colorful national and religious festivals. Hardly a month goes by without a unique national or religious celebration of diverse cultures and religions. Most festivals in Sri Lanka are related to religion and depend on the lunar calendar, encompassing Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and Christian festivals. Some of the more prominent festivals and celebrations are; the Esala Perahera held in August in Kandy, Kataragama Perehera held in July /August, Vesak and Poson Poyas, Deepavali, and Sinhala and Tamil New Year (Avrudu).
Visitors will have an exceptional experience for witness its bright and colorful tradition of Sri Lanka if they stumble on the festive period. Immerse yourself in one of Sri Lanka’s many colorful festivals. Most involve huge processions of glittering elephants, dancers and drummers.