About Us

We proudly declaim hereby that, being a Specialist Inbound Tour Operator, Pawaan Travals & Tours is your gateway to the Paradise Island of Sri Lanka. Our services range from Specialized  Interest TourPackages toother packages like Sports Tours, Nature Based Tours, Eco Holidays, Adventure Tours, Study Tours, Culture Tours, Beach Holidays, Wellness Holidays, Incentive Tours, to the Client Based-Tailor Made Holidays varying from the seekers of the Luxury classes to the other types ofStandard clientele.country-visit
We so confidently claim by that we possess the years of experience in organizing ofcomprehensive travel packages for the groups, individuals as well as the families, bringing towards you all the best of tour packages that there could be soavailable in the island. So having equipped with the knowledge of your special needs and requirements in mind, we offer complete holiday packages to suit the every budget of our large clientele that we could come across with.
Ensuring that you enjoy the maximum comfort during your stay, we hereby claim to provide you the transport facilitiesthat is ranging from luxury cars, vans or mini coaches, to large coaches or else, through which we already possess the capacity to facilitate the transport requirements of the individual tourist as well as the large groups,covering the time periodthat commences from the very arrival to the country – your travel destination and to the departure  from the country-yes, your  travel destinationitself where you so surely would have enjoyed the stay very much and a s great deal indeed. Let us take you on a journey ofdefinite &surprising personal discovery along our soft golden beaches, lush tropical forests, pristine hill country and the centuries old ruins of the historical treasures those have built during the times of the great kings in that historical past.sri-lanka-elefants1
And this our travel offer includesother countries as well like,the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Eastern Russia, China, India, the Far East, Japan, Australia and the Middle East (including Iran and the United Arab Emirates).

And we, at Pawaan Travals & Tours Tours office premises, make it a priority to ensure that all ofour customers who ever are enjoying the type of perfect vacation in this island of untold & unexpressed unspoken of beauty which is left to be experienced one day.



    • All our tour guides are experienced as well as multilingual.
    • We possess a fleet of vehicles inclusive of cars, vans, mini coaches and large coaches.
    • We hold travel and tour Contracts with more than 80% of the hotels in the island.
    • We possess the ability to customize a holiday to meet with customer preferences.


Our forte lies in having an in-depth knowledge of what Sri Lanka has to offer and an understanding in regards to our customers’ requirements, which at all times leads us to develop the rightly customized travel package for a way of uniquelydesigned uniquely created and exclusively planned type of a holiday experience. We always want to so workout to combine the newest travel ingredients are brought to our country and to be marketed or in other words to be introduced at our clientele, such as Sea Plane Rides, Hot Air Ballooning, Ferry Services to India and Boutique Hotels with our packages to ensure ultimate satisfaction for the discerning traveler.